Everstrong Ventures focuses on energy sector development and investment, which encompasses renewable energy alternatives, natural gas, and energy efficiency improvement activities. The Everstrong Ventures team has experience developing, investing in, and financing projects across the energy spectrum, such as renewable projects like hydro, wind, solar, biomass, waste-to-energy, and biofuels but also gas-fired power generation units, oil and gas pipelines, LNG and CNG projects, refinery and process facilities and technologies.

The collective experience of Everstrong Ventures’s partners in energy and infrastructure investment, financing, development, operations, and construction exceeds $100 billion in assets around the world. With backgrounds in project development, asset management, project and corporate finance, structuring and negotiations, due diligence and valuations, construction, and operations, Everstrong Ventures has a holistic understanding of the requirements and expectations of developers, regulators and financing entities.